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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
154/7476DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
254/74H76DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
354H71JK Pulse Triggered F-FSignetics
454H76DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
554LS/74LS76DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
654LS76DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
754LS8964-Bit Random Access Memory(Open Collector)Signetics
854S8964-Bit Random Access Memory(Open Collector)Signetics
96800016 / 32 Bit MicroprocessorSignetics
1074H76DUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
1174LS363Octal Transparent Latch with 3 State OutputsSignetics
1274LS8964-Bit Random Access Memory(Open Collector)Signetics

1474S135Quad Exclusive OR/NOR GateSignetics
1574S3504 Bit Shifter with 3 State OutputsSignetics
1674S8964-Bit Random Access Memory(Open Collector)Signetics
1782S2122304 BIT BIPOLAR RAMSignetics
188T26ABus TransceiverSignetics
198T95(8T96 / 8T97 / 8T98) Hex 3 State Buffer InvertersSignetics
208X305Signetics Microcontroller ProductsSignetics
218X305ASignetics Microcontroller ProductsSignetics
228X305ISignetics Microcontroller ProductsSignetics
238X305NSignetics Microcontroller ProductsSignetics
24MC1456High Performance Operational AmplifierSignetics
25N74122Retriggerable Monostable MultivibratorSignetics
26N7476FDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
27N7476NDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
28N74H76FDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
29N74H76NDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
30N74LS76FDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
31N74LS76NDUAL JK FLIP - FLOPSignetics
32N82633 Input 4 Bit Digital MultiplexerSignetics
33N8277Dual 8 Bit Shift RegisterSignetics
34SAA1061Output Port ExpanderSignetics
35TCA280AGeneral Pupose Trigger CircuitSignetics
36TDA154014-Bit DAC (Serial Output)Signetics
37TDA1540D14-Bit DAC (Serial Output)Signetics
38TDA1540PN14-Bit DAC (Serial Output)Signetics
39TDA1540TD14-Bit DAC (Serial Output)Signetics
40TDA57028 Bit Digital-to-Analog ConverterSignetics
41TDA5703Analog-to-Digital ConverterSignetics
42TDA8432Computer-Controlled Deflection Processor for Video DisplaysSignetics

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