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Nr.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1PL-0301AC/DC power protection ICProlific
2PL-1061Mobile computing system: MIPS R3000 compatible 32-bit RISC core with MAC co-processor running at maximum speed of 100MHzProlific
3PL-2301USB to USB dridge controller: transfers files between two PCs with USB interfaceProlific
4PL-2302USB to USB betwork dridge controller: USB host to host communicationProlific
5PL-2303USB to RS-232 bridge controllerProlific
6PL-2305USB to IEEE1284 dridge controller: Bi-direction parallel interfaceProlific
7PL-2307USB to to ATAPI-4 dridge controller: full compliance with the USB specificationProlific
8PL-2311USB to ethernetProlific
9PL-2313USB to dual serial bridge controllerProlific
10PL-2315USB portable flash disk controllerProlific

11PL-2351USB device controllerProlific
12PL-2501Hi-speed USB host to host bridge controllerProlific
13PL-2507Hi-speed USB to IDE bridge controllerProlific
14PL-2515Hi-speed USB flash disk controllerProlific
15PL-2551Hi-speed USB device controllerProlific
16PL-2555Hi-speed USB docking controllerProlific
17PL-3507Hi-speed USB & IEEE1394 combo to IDE bridge controllerProlific
18PT-3016ADC: 1.5-6.5V; 4 pole fan; DC brushless motor driver ICProlific
19PT-3016BDC: 1.5-6.5V; 6 pole fan; DC brushless motor driver ICProlific
20PT-3016CDC: 1.5-6.5V; 8 pole fan; DC brushless motor driver ICProlific
21PT-301EDC: 1.5-6.5V; 8 pole fan; PWM speed controllerProlific
22PT-3085C3-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
23PT-3086C3-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
24PT-3086D12-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
25PT-3086D22-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
26PT-308C-A3-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
27PT-308F-A2-18V; double coil motor friver ICProlific
28PT-308F-BDouble coil motor friver ICProlific
29PT-308F-CDouble coil motor friver ICProlific
30PT-308F-DDouble coil motor friver ICProlific
31PT-36012.6-18V; hall sensor. For double coil DC brushless motor (PT-30E6/7), VCD/DVD loader, CD/DVD-ROM and cover detectorProlific

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