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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1AMU2481Audio MixerMicronas
2AMU2481VSAudio Processor for Video Recoders and Satellite ReceiversMicronas
3BSP3505DBaseband Sound ProcessorMicronas
4BSP3505D-A2Baseband sound processorMicronas
5CCU3000-ICentral Control UnitMicronas
6CCU3001Central Control UnitMicronas
7CCU3001-ICentral Control UnitMicronas
8CDC3205G-A1Car dashboard controllerMicronas
9CDC3205G-B1Car dashboard controllerMicronas
10CDC3207GCar dashboard controllerMicronas
11CDC32XXGCar Dashboard ControllerMicronas
12CIP3250AComponent Interface ProcessorMicronas

13DAC3550AStereo Audio DACMicronas
14DDP3310BDisplay and Deflection ProcessorMicronas
15DMA2281C/D/D2-MAC DecoderMicronas
16DMA2286C/D/D2-MAC DescramblerMicronas
18DPL3518ADisplay and deflection processorMicronas
19DPL3519ADisplay and deflection processorMicronas
20DPL3520ADisplay and deflection processorMicronas
21DPL4519Sound Processor for Digital and Analog Surround SystemsMicronas
22DPL4519GSound Processor for Digital and Analog Surround SystemsMicronas
23DRP3510ADigital Radio ProcessorMicronas
24DRX3960ADigital Receiver Front-endMicronas
25HAL1000Programmable Hall SwitchMicronas
26HAL1000UT-AProgrammable hall switchMicronas
27HAL1000UT-EProgrammable hall switchMicronas
28HAL1000UT-KProgrammable hall switchMicronas
29HAL114Hall Effect Sensor FamilyMicronas
30HAL114SF-CHall effect sensorMicronas
31HAL114SF-EHall effect sensorMicronas
32HAL114SF-KHall effect sensorMicronas
33HAL114UA-CHall effect sensorMicronas
34HAL114UA-EHall effect sensorMicronas
35HAL114UA-KHall effect sensorMicronas
36HAL115Hall Effect Sensor FamilyMicronas
37HAL115SF-CHall effect sensorMicronas
38HAL115SF-EHall effect sensorMicronas
39HAL115SF-KHall effect sensorMicronas
40HAL115UA-CHall effect sensorMicronas
41HAL115UA-EHall effect sensorMicronas
42HAL115UA-KHall effect sensorMicronas
43HAL300Differential Hall Effect Sensor ICMicronas
44HAL300SO-ADifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
45HAL300SO-CDifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
46HAL300SO-EDifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
47HAL300UA-ADifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
48HAL300UA-CDifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
49HAL300UA-EDifferential hall effect sensor ICMicronas
50HAL320Differential Hall Effect Sensor ICMicronas

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