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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
124LC011K/2K2-WireCMOSSerialEEPROMHoltek Semiconductor
224LC021K/2K2-WireCMOSSerialEEPROMHoltek Semiconductor
34.80E+318-Bit I/O Type MCU (With EEPROM)Holtek Semiconductor
448E308-Bit I/O Type MCU (With EEPROM)Holtek Semiconductor
57430Negative Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
682M98A3D USB+PS2 MouseHoltek Semiconductor
7EOL-62L256HT62L256 EOL NotificationHoltek Semiconductor
8HA0064EDecoder (10+2 - Corresponds to HT6010/HT6012)Holtek Semiconductor
9HT-12D2 12 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
10HT-2050FIVE LAMP/LED FLASH DRIVERHoltek Semiconductor
11HT10151.5V Lower Power LDOHoltek Semiconductor
12HT1015-11.5V Lower Power LDOHoltek Semiconductor

13HT1016Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
14HT1030Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
15HT1031Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
16HT1033Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
17HT1034Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
18HT1036Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
19HT1037Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
20HT1044Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
21HT1045Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
22HT1050Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
23HT1051Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
24HT1070Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
25HT1071Voltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
26HT10XXVoltage RegulatorHoltek Semiconductor
27HT1132ASPACE WAR LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
28HT1134APin Ball LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
29HT1136AFootball LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
30HT1137AMotorcycle LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
31HT113AAStreetfighterS LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
32HT113FASubmarine War LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
33HT113JABaseball LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
34HT113RAPoker and Black Jack LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
35HT113SACasino Game 5-in-1 LCD GameHoltek Semiconductor
36HT12A212 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
37HT12D212 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
38HT12D-182 12 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
39HT12D-202 12 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
40HT12E212 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
41HT12F212 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
42HT12F-182 12 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
43HT12F-202 12 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
44HT12M212 Decoder DoorbellHoltek Semiconductor
45HT13303 1/2 Digit Timer + WatchHoltek Semiconductor
46HT1350Step CounterHoltek Semiconductor
47HT1380Serial Timekeeper Chip (8DIP)Holtek Semiconductor
48HT1381Serial Timekeeper Chip (8SOP)Holtek Semiconductor
49HT160240 Dot Matrix LCD Segment DriverHoltek Semiconductor
50HT1602L40 Dot Matrix LCD Segment DriverHoltek Semiconductor

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