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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1AN004Voltage References for Crystal A/D ConvertersCirrus Logic
2AN006Buffer Amplifiers for A/D ConvertersCirrus Logic
3AN007Measurement and Evaluation of Pulse Shapes in T1/E1 Transmission SystemsCirrus Logic
4AN008Application Hints for the CS501X Series of A/D ConvertersCirrus Logic
5AN010Delta Sigma A/D Conversion Technique OverviewCirrus Logic
6AN011Jitter Testing Procedures for Compliance with AT&T 62411Cirrus Logic
7AN106Quick CS6420 Speakerphone InterfaceCirrus Logic
8AN110CS4235 Review ChecklistCirrus Logic
9AN115CS4923/24/25/26/27/28/29 Hardware User's GuideCirrus Logic
10AN118Interfacing the CS5521/22/23/24/28 to the 80C51Cirrus Logic
11AN12AT&T 62411 Design Considerations Jitter and SynchronizationCirrus Logic
12AN120Dolby Digital User's Guide for the CS4923/4/5/6 FamilyCirrus Logic

13AN121MPEG User's Guide for the CS4925Cirrus Logic
14AN122DTS User's Guide for The CS4926 and CS4928Cirrus Logic
15AN123Stereo PCM Application User's Guide for the CS492X FamilyCirrus Logic
16AN124Frequently Asked Questions: Video and ImagingCirrus Logic
17AN126DRX Technology: A Cirrus Logic Development to Enhance Digital ImagesCirrus Logic
18AN127LXT970 to CS8952 Replacement GuideCirrus Logic
19AN130Interfacing the CS5521/22/23/24/28 to the PIC16C84Cirrus Logic
20AN131Interfacing the CS5521/22/23/24/28 to the 68HC05Cirrus Logic
21AN132Imaging TermsCirrus Logic
22AN134AES and SPDIF Recommeded TransformersCirrus Logic
23AN136Using the CS5180 with Multiplexed InputsCirrus Logic
24AN138Interfacing the CS4954/55 to the SX28AC MicrocontrollerCirrus Logic
25AN146CL-PS7111 Evaluation Kit User's ManualCirrus Logic
26AN152Using the CS5521/22/23/24/28 and CS5525/26 Charge Pump Drive for External LoadsCirrus Logic
27AN153Compatibility Between CS4299 and AD1881Cirrus Logic
28AN156Using the CS7620/22 with CCDsCirrus Logic
29AN157CS7620/22 Frequently Asked QuestionsCirrus Logic
30AN158Measuring High Voltages (5 to 1,000 Volts) with the CS5521/22/23/24/28 and CS5525/26 A/D ConvertersCirrus Logic
31AN159PLL Filter Optimization for the CS8415A, CS8420, and CS8427Cirrus Logic
32AN16Jitter Attenuation Performance of the CS61575 and CS61575ACirrus Logic
33AN162Broadcast Systems: Application Code User's Guide for the CS4931X FamilyCirrus Logic
34AN163Crystal Digital Post Processing User's Guide for the CS49330Cirrus Logic
35AN164LXT310/318 to CS61310/18 Replacement GuideCirrus Logic
36AN165CS4297A/CS4299 EMI Reduction TechniquesCirrus Logic
37AN168Acoustic Path Design for Full-Duplex Cellular Hands-Free Car KitsCirrus Logic
38AN175Interfacing Compact Flash to the EP72XXCirrus Logic
39AN179Interfacing a Color LCD to EP72XXCirrus Logic
40AN18Layout and Design Rules for Data Converters and Other Mixed-Signal DevicesCirrus Logic
41AN180Using a PLL to Generate Clocks for Digital AudioCirrus Logic
42AN181Using the Crystal 8900A in 8-Bit ModeCirrus Logic
43AN184EP72XX Interface to MultiMediaCardCirrus Logic
44AN186Bringing Up the EP72/73XX DeviceCirrus Logic
45AN187Using the EP72/7312 to Implement a SoftmodemCirrus Logic
46AN191Using eCOS on the EP72XX Development BoardsCirrus Logic
47AN192The GNU based ARM-LINUX Toolchain for use with Royal LinuxCirrus Logic
48AN194How to Program the Hash Filter in the CS8900A and CS8920ACirrus Logic
49AN199DAI Interface for Playing MP3 MusicCirrus Logic
50AN20ADC Input Buffer and Protection TechniquesCirrus Logic

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